Papillary thickening shown in Prenatal Level 2 Ultrasound
dance1982 posted:
Hello I had a level 2 ultrasound of my baby last week. I am 22 weeks pregnant. The dr. who read the sonogram told me he saw a thickening or calcification in the papillary muscle of the mitrovalve. Well, I think that is what he said. I was a bit stunned. Anyway , he told me not to be concerned at all. All of my other tests were fine and he didn't feel this was an issue. Is there a doctor on line who can direct me on this? I a can't help but worry, even though the doctor said not to.
marjo20 responded:
How did everything turn out on this? Is your baby okay? I am 20 weeks and they did my routine ultrasound and they told me there was thickening of the papillary muscle. I am very worried about my little one and didn't see any of the experts reply to this but I saw it was 3 years ago.
Thank You.
dance1982 replied to marjo20's response:
Hi! I am so sorry it took me this long to respond. After that ultrasound, at 28 weeks I was send for a fetal echocardiogram. Of course I was completely worried. The cardiologist was very nice ....put me at ease...and after the test she assured me everything was fine. My baby boy was born healthy. I hope your baby will be fine as well. I believe that this "Thickening " they refer to is a "soft marker" for down syndrome. All of my other tests were negative so they didn't feel it was a concern. But when someone tells you there may be a problem with your unborn baby's heart, you are just ridden with fear. I really do hope all is well.