Niaspan and Baby-aspirin
scotto77 posted:
I have been taking Niaspan and it has produced great results. However, if I take it around dinner, I usually flush, so I take it close to bed. Today, my doctor told me to take a baby-aspirin a half an hour before the Niaspan and then I could take the Niaspan with dinner.

It occurred to me tonight that I did not know if that meant 30 minutes BEFORE the Niaspan or NO MORE than 30 minutes before.

Which should it be?
cardiostarusa1 responded:

From the NIASPAN site for patients -

NIASPAN and flushing

What you can do

1. Take aspirin (up to the recommended dose of 325 mg) 30 minutes before you take NIASPAN to help reduce the frequency and severity of flushing. (Just check with your doctor first.)

As always, any questions or concerns should be directed to your doctor(s) first and foremost.

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