cdp2011 posted:
I read about graves disease and i see how it could be questioned but i have another question...I was taking estroven for my hot and cold flashes and it helped it that for at least 2mnths i forgot i was dealing with that which my Dr. told me to take. My hot flashes just started slowly climbing back up. I also read that if i get hot flashes while exerting myself it is not menopause and if i get hot flashes while resting it is menopause. I am 46 yrs old. Earlier today iam in the grocery store and i started getting dizzy and had hot flashes?! I am just trying to discern the right things and understand what is going on with me?!
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:

I believe a call to your doctor and booking the earliest possible appointment is entirely appropriate.

It sounds as if your meds could be off and the dizzy hot flashes are not good.

Please be proactive and make the call!