Best Cardiologist Dept. in Utah?
natefp posted:
I have a brother that experienced sudden death while he was in a foreign country (Chile) and survived against all odds. He doesn't even have brain damage. The doctors there cannot figure out what caused it. Anyway, he is being transferred back to the US and I am trying to find the Hospital with the best cardiologist dept. in UT that can diagnose his problem, so it doesn't reoccur. The decision where to transfer him will be made today. Please help!

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What is the best cardiology dept in Utah?
  • University of Utah
  • IHC in Murray
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Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
I'm sorry I can't give recommendations here but I encourage you to do your homework to get the best facility for your brother.

You might want to check out the American Heart Association website to see if they have resources to help you out.

I'm glad your brother is safely back in the states! Please visit here to ask questions of our experts and get support!