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    ? post stent stress tests, do I need them ? And which is best if I do ?? Dr ?
    cvcman posted:
    Ok I have posted here before, 52 yrs old male,LAD 4mm des 10/8/10
    all good since, run or bike everyday, eat good HDL=102,LDL=70, Try's=49
    weight is 147 5'9"
    Had a follow up echo stress test in April and a nuclear a year ago.
    Now will I have to have a stress test every year ?? I know there is good money to be made doing these tests but if its not nessasary if I have no symptoms then ???
    Also which stress test is better ?? I dont mind the echo but do NOT want to keep getting the tracer put inot me no matter how safe they CLAIM it is....
    WHats the REAL scoop
    cvcman responded:
    Dr's ????
    James Beckerman, MD, FACC replied to cvcman's response:
    I generally do not recommend yearly stress tests in the absence of symptoms.
    cvcman replied to James Beckerman, MD, FACC's response:
    Doc, well IF I was to need another I do NOT like the nuclear ones, I have no symptoms I am over 1 yr after LAD 4mm stent. I run 4 miles everyday or bike about 20 miles on the days I do not run. I also do HI Intensity interval 3 days a week. I have zero symptoms or pains. I m still on Plavix. My BP is 107/60 resting heart rate 47
    My cardio said he will probably have me do another stress test this year. I know these are nice money makers and I dont mind the echo stress tests but do NOT want the tracer from the nuclear. the echo as reliable as the nuclear post stent ?
    Can I tell the Dr I would rather not have one unless im having problems ?
    billh99 replied to cvcman's response:
    I will not comment on the difference is two test.

    But talk with your doctor.

    Ask him specifically what is he looking for in the test? And why he wants to do a test at this time without any new symptoms?

    He might have a reason that will convince you.

    And tell him about your reluctance to have the nuclear test.

    And yes you can even refuse the test. And many doctors will respect your wish. A few might feel strong enough about it that will dismiss you as a patient and you will have to new cardiologist.

    But if you are respect full in asking your questions and stating your desires you should not have any problems.

    BTW, I have seen a number of people in these forums that have complained about their doctors that never communicate with them.

    Personally I have had very good relationships with all of my doctors, with one exception. And I have felt that they have been open with me and listened to my concerns.

    That one exception I determined was an a**hole within 5 minutes and never saw him again.
    cvcman replied to billh99's response:
    well i cant help thinking its easy insurance money...he did say the echo is not as reliable post stent ??
    I feel withthe amt and type of exercise I do everyday thats a good stress test, doc ?
    James Beckerman, MD, FACC replied to cvcman's response:
    I think it's very appropriate just to ask your doctor what the goals of the test are. Emphasize that you feel well and are active currently. Ask if the doctor believes that there would be value in doing another heart catheterization, even if you were asymptomatic - these questions might give you some additional insight.
    under21 replied to James Beckerman, MD, FACC's response:
    Dear Doc, I have concerns also about stress test, I dont think Im posting in the correct place. I am set up for an angio in 2 weeks and Im concerned if this is what I need to do. I have been told that the stress test showed a moderate blockage in the right side of my heart, were I have already have 3 stents from a heart attack in 2010. I have had a continued irritating feeling in my back after the heart attack, is this angina? and if placing another stent make me feel better ?

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