Stented and scared!
Stentandthensome posted:
march 1st this year I had stent placed LAD. Taking effient, asprin, crestor, and metoprolol. Have another blockage and mild calcification on valves, but determined insignificant at this time. Diagnosed with "radiation induced coronary heart disease". I just celebrated my 40th birthday. Radiation is from treatment of thymoma when I was 18. At age 20, I developed thyroid issues, at 30 gallbladder, 2 years esophagus spasm,and heavy menstruation all due to radiation/chemo treatments. My stent procedure went great, I came home and after a couple days started light activity. Two weeks after I was transported via fire rescue back to hospital with a very accelerated heart rate and shortness of breath that suddenly came on. Thank GOD no heart attack. I was anemic and doctors felt that was reason for heart racing. Was told to see hematologist ( maybe bone marrow/anemia issue also frm radiation) and to see OBGYN for possible partial hysterectomy to stop loss of blood during menstruation.Saw both specialist and was put on progesterone and iron supplementation to help with blood issue. All going well get blood work done hemoglobin at 12.5, treatment is working. A couple days later, it's that time of the month and I hemorrhage. Heart racing uncontrollably, feel pressure in my chest.. Follow protocol ( nitrus, Chew aspirin, take extra beta blocker, call 911. Back in hospital, no heart attack, thank GOD again! Hemoglobin dropped frm 12.5 to 8.2 in four days! Get blood transfusion, have a card cath to make sure stent ok. Thank GOD stent looks great! Have surgical procedure to burn lining of uterus to prevent or diminish bleeding go home. I'm home, scarred to death every time I feel fluttering, burning, tingling, pressure in my chest. Constantly wear heart monitor to assure myself heart rate ok. Take my blood pressure at least 8 times a day ( driving my husband nuts)! Practically locked in my room all day. If im in living room watching tv with family and heart flutters i take it as its to much for my heart to handle. Can't handle outside stress, I have two teens and can't handle that, feel stressed when to many people call or come to visit. Don't want to leave my room. Having panic attacks. My heart starts racing and I feel like it's all happening again. Dr raised my beta blocker to 3x a day. my resting heart rate was hovering in the high 80 to 90. Still not helping panic attacks. Tried to work out with a stretching band yesterday as I sat and watched tv= heart bubbling and panic. I reach for my Xanax to help with panic. I can now distinguish panic frm physical issues or at least I think I can. I try to be productive as I sit in bed all day. I pray, mediate, visualize, stretch, do a little yoga, but I do everything in fear. There are a lot of positives, the day I got my stent I started Dr. Esselstyn's diet. ( In one month my cholesterol went frm 211 to 123. My bad chol. Is at 45. They have dropped my crestor prescription in half ! I have become more spiritual, found time to focus on me, I just need to get over this fear every time I feel something in my chest. I feel that I am becoming a little more paralyzed with each passing day. Everyone tells me I am fine and I need to move on, but they don't understand. I felt hope reading all of your posts, I hope I can get over this as most of you have and move ahead with my life.[br>