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Chest pain from coffee?
Wouldbe posted:
I know doctors say coffee is healthy for most people but gives others chest pains and heart palpitations, which means they should not drink it. Why does coffee give some people chest pain while being healthy for others?
cardiostarusa1 responded:

As reported in various medical literature and media reports, the caffeine (stimulates the central nervous system, CNS) in coffee is a common trigger for palpitations, and some individuals simply are more sensitive to it, which heightens the body's reaction, thus triggering momentary palpitations.

Palpitations (which are typically felt in the chest, neck or throat, or can even go competely unnoticed) may/can also be accompanied by lightheadedness or dizziness, difficulty breathing/shortness of breath, chest pain/discomfort or syncope (temporary loss of consciousness, includes fainting or passing out),

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James Beckerman, MD, FACC responded:
It's true that some individuals experience a sensation of palpitations with coffee, but the medical evidence appears to suggest a generally beneficial effect of coffee in larger populations studies.

As with many medical interventions, some individuals may not experience a benefit even though the intervention may benefit the larger population.