passing out after heart transplant
An_246973 posted:
Hi, my sister had been through a heart transplant surgery. After the surgery, she went home and still fine. After that she has passed out for more than a month. At the third week, the surgeon said she would be up soon, then i waited until the end of the third week and nothing happened. The forth week i took her to another surgeon and he said after the treatment, she would be up. After the treatment, nothing happened except her hand moved a little bit and she still not up. The surgeon said she would be up soon. I don't know if i could trust them or not. I am really confused what to do now. I don't want anything wrong happens to her. I just want to know does this usually happen to a patient after the heart transplant, and i should wait for her to be up or take her to another doctor??? Does this usually happen after the heart transplant? the doctor said because her brain is lack of oxygen and her veins got blood clogs so he passed out
RocketHeart16 responded:
No this is not common after transplant. I am a heart transplant recipient 7 1/2 years out. The first year is usually a lot adjusting to meds as your body accepts the anti rejection medications.

I would get in touch with her transplant team and have things checked out. She shouldn't be seeing a surgeon at this point she should be with a cardiologist and the post transplant team.

Good luck.
kokeboy replied to RocketHeart16's response:
yes, she's with a cardiologist now, not the surgeon, that's my typo. and he said she would be up soon. The doctor said she passed out because she has blood clogs in his veins and the heart isnt responing too well with it. The doctor said it takes sometimes and she would be up soon.
RocketHeart16 replied to kokeboy's response:
Glad to hear she is doing well. Make sure they stay on top of this so it doesn't worsen.