How effective is PLAC test?
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PLAC test measures the amount of Lp-PLA2 in your body. It identifies the level inflammation in one's blood vessels.
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How effective is PLAC test?

PLAC test for patients

The PLAC? Test is the only blood test cleared by the FDA to aid in assessing risk for both coronary heart disease and ischemic stroke associated with atherosclerosis.....


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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Markers of Cardiovascular Risk — PLAC Test


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Simply put, an increased level of Lp-PLA2 is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular events, namely ischemic strokes.......

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Thank you very much Cardiostar. Its efficacy is proven tut the PLAC test has not been promoted widely in the States, I believe this is also the reason causing many countries not to participate in research trials with their respective populations. A little hesitation, wait-and-see approach. What do you think?