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crackling noise for a heart beat
bruce679 posted:
Good morning, I need some advice in to what to do, I am 33 years old, male, and smoke since I was 18 and been diagnosed with the GERD, about 6 years ago, I know what acid reflux feels like, but lately (2 months ago) I started to feel a different kind of chest pain, my heart accelerates so much that if my whole body moves with the heart beats, on two of these times, the pain went up to both of my shoulders, but the left shoulder was worst, then it when up to the left side of my neck, jaw and behind my ear, on top of that, I hear and feel a crackling sound (like sucking through a straw) instead of a hearth beat this happens at least 3 times a week and last about 30 minutes. Any advice as to what this is, I really dont want to go to the ER, because I herd EKG's are expensive and cant afford to get one right now.
billh99 responded:
EKG's are not that expensive. But ER's are.

Unless you are having immediate symptoms the best is to go to a cardiologist and have then do a workup.
James Beckerman, MD, FACC responded:
I would recommend that you see a doctor and get checked out - and above all, stop smoking - it is a significant risk factor for heart disease and if you stop now, your risk will go down significantly!