Possible diagnosis for CHF and syncope
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What are the possible causes for a woman patient in 80s with CHF, 20+ years after a heart attack, and experiencing fainting? Thank you..
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"Possible causes/experiencing fainting"

In general-only here, causes of fainting/passing out/syncope include vasovagal (the most common cause), cardiac (**includes specific irregular heartbeat, typically duration-dependent), circulatory, neurologic, metabolic and drug-induced. Sometimes, there is no known cause (idiopathic), no identifiable cause.

**As applicable, for simplcity, using a Holter monitor, event recorder, or at the extreme, an insertable cardiac monitor (ICM), can sometimes confirm or rule out an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) as a particular cause.

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Syncope (Fainting)

Mechanisms - History - Evaluation - Differential Diagnosis - Treatment

Mechanisms of Syncope

Transient reductions in brain blood flow may be due to a generalized failure of the circulatory system or a regional circulatory problem selectively affecting the brain.

Syncope most commonly results from a transient generalized or systemic......



About Unexplained Fainting

Syncope is a widespread problem, accounting for 1.5 million physician visits per year./It affects people of all ages, with sometimes serious consequences./These consequences can be....

Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM)

Diagnosing Syncope and Other Transient Symptoms

Many people who experience recurrent, infrequent symptoms are not sure what, if anything, to do. These symptoms can take the form of fainting (syncope), near-fainting (near syncope), dizziness....

A typical diagnostic process for syncope might include one or more of the tests listed....


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