Heart failure of one side of the heart
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What cause,s this and is it heart disease? I was given an ultra sound and told that the left side of my heart was showing heart failure. What does that mean for me.
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"Is it heart disease"

Yes, though it has been best described as not a single disease, but rather a group of signs and symptoms caused by many different disease processes that have weakened the heart muscle.

"What causes this?"

Mayo Clinic

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Understanding Your Ejection Fraction


**To get a decent estimate of LVEF, a MUGA scan is reported as being the most accurate of the non-invasive methods.

Pertinent excerpt from an article - Richard N. Fogoros, M.D.

When is the MUGA scan more useful than other heart tests?

The advantages of the MUGA scan over other techniques (such as the echocardiogram) for measuring the LVEF are twofold
. First, the MUGA ejection fraction is highly accurate, probably more accurate than that obtained by any other technique. Second, The MUGA ejection fraction is highly reproducible. That is, if the LVEF measurement is repeated several times, nearly the same answer is always obtained. (With other tests, variations in the measured LVEF are much greater.)

"What does that mean for me?"

Heart failure is a SERIOUS matter. Most important, communicate/interact well with your doctors.

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