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fluids on lungs, kidney disease, and weak heart
pattycakes posted:
my mother was hospitalized the month of sept. then released within 2 weeks.she was admitted because of having blood clots in her leg which had been amputiated about 10 yrs ago. Dr's said that the blood clot had moved to her heart and she had a heart attack. After being released from the hospital she then returned again just last week due to being confused and having some weakness. The Dr's was going to release her again the her lungs went into full distress, she then had to be interbated and thenthey tried winging her off and exterbated her she lasted about 30min off then went right back into full distress again with her lungs then had to interbate her again pls if anyone can help me to figure out wants going on i will be very grateful
James Beckerman, MD, FACC responded:
I'm sorry to hear about your mother.

It sounds as though she may have congestive heart failure, which can cause the heart to be weaker than normal and the lungs to fill with fluid - which makes breathing difficult. Sometimes people have to be on a ventilator if their breathing requires it. But we are usually able to help people come off the ventilator with time - I hope your mom gets better soon.