After effects of having stents
An_249231 posted:
Hi All, my name is Pam and I am 51 years old and a smoker. I recently had 4 heart attacks in a row and was rushed to the hosp where they put in 3 stents in 2 different arteries..I am stopping smoking and I have changed my diet to a low cholesterol, low fat diet. I have only been out of the hospital for 8 days. This is my question..What kind of symptoms will I experience now that this has been done..I have suffered with panic attacks for years and have been told that I am very depressed. I am afraid to take any kind of pills other than what the heart doctor has put me on. I have had some really funny feelings lately, last night I got a little upset stomach and my arm was not really hurting but I could feel it and my heart seemed to be racing after a few breathing exercises it calmed down but all this scares the crap out of me..What should I do??