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Spice heart problem
An_249315 posted:
Back in September I had been smoking spice/synthetics (yes, I know it was stupid and dangerous) and I had been doing it for some time with no problems. One day I smoked some and I felt a sharp intense pain in my chest and I got extremely light-headed. The pain was very intense and I had never experienced this from smoking Spice. I've experienced fast heart beat before but never a sharp pain that dropped me to my knees. After that I had experienced moderate chest pain for several weeks and it subsided for the most part. I would get the occasional flutter and pain here and there. Recently I felt the chest pain become like a constant pressure, located behind upper left rib cage under breastplate. I feel it not beat "fast" but hard on occasion. Im in my teens and I am going to get an ekg tomorrow. I'd like to know if it's possible that It's just anxiety, or something less serious than a heart attack. I read somewhere about a tear in the GI tract that can cause air to irritate the diaphragm, Could this be possible? I do get the feeling that there is some pressure. possibly air?
James Beckerman, MD, FACC responded:
It's hard to be sure.
I recommend that you see a doctor about this.