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? on PVC's after heart stent
cvcman posted:
Ok a little history;
53 yr old male, lad stent 2 yrs ago with 98% blockage, was having funny chest pressure when riding bike, went to the Dr he did an echo stress test sent right to hospital for angio...blood work at the time was HDL=50,LDL=140,Tryg.=100
After stent started running/biking everyday eating better too lots of veggies and salads, fish....blood work this past week was HDL=120, LDL=74, Tryg.= 40
Dropped 53 5'9" tall and weigh 140...feel 5 miles 3 o 4 times a week and bike the other days 25-40 miles at a fast cardio pace...
I had a nuclear stress test a year ago because I was having some right side chest like muscle pain..cardio dr said "perfect" not even a glitch...
Now the last few days I have been getting a few pvc's when running..maybe like 5 or 6 during the 5 miles no big deal...also have a couple when sitting and watching tv...also a couple when having sex...
Now I just went last week for my 6 month check...he did an echo and ekg etc said " blood work and echo are perfect" see him in anther 6 months.
I have no pain or discomfort in my chest when running or biking..i did have some issues a few years ago with pvc's but I quit ANY caffine and they pretty much went away...
? is...could the pvc's be a sign something is plugging up even though I have no chest pain ??
I really dont want another nuclear stress test because I dont like to have the exposer to the xray or the isotope...not sure why he did the echo last week because my echo was normal the day before I had the stent it wasnt until the echo stress he noticed the issue
billh99 responded:
..not sure why he did the echo last week because my echo was normal the day before I had the stent it wasnt until the echo stress he noticed the issue

You should ask the doctor why they did the echo. In fact I get a copy of mine test reports.

About the PVC's it is hard to know what causes them.

Mine seem to increase in the winter. Although, so far, they have not increased this year.

Last winter I was having of them. But I very, very rarely feel them. I only know that I have them if I take my pulse or try to take my blood pressure and the machines just gives me errors.

At that time I had a holter monitor test and it showed 15% where PVC's. But no patterns that indicated a problem.
cvcman replied to billh99's response:
I called him back today,,,he said he did the echo because its been 2 yrs since I had one so it was time ( probably so they could bill the insurance co) he also said the pvc's are " normal and no cause for concern" he said with someone like me and my low resting heart rate from my exercise to have 5 or 6 a day is nothing

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