Still anginal like discomfort after stenting
HUSTKLA posted:
I was leading a very active work life working 10 to 12 hours a day and started getting short of breath. After the progonis I have had 3 stents put in about 3 weeks ago with 3 arteries being over 90% blocked. The angioimage after the procedure looked perfect with the flow and pressure being 100%. The first few days and the first week, I was feeling very fresh in breathing and comfortable in taking walks of about a kilometer. All of a sudden now when I now go for walking or doing any small exertions, after a few minutes or 30 meters of walk, I start getting discomfort, slight tightness and pain in my shoulders and upper front and back muscles. The discomfort eases to certain extent if I stop there and take a little rest. Could some one advise me if this is a normal issue if rushing with the rehab and trying to get back to work or something else I should pursue?