dieabetes and heart problems
xeko35 posted:
hi, i am 36 years old female with diabetes my Hb A1c was 6.7 last month . i am having heart problems like my heart beat tends to slow some time and it starts to sink but then after few minutes its stable some times my left arm hurts and i start to burp and a heart burn in my chest .i am always tired, lethargic i feel my shoulders are heavy . sometimes my face is red hot and my ears too.my B.P usually 100/60 but sometimes it is 130/90 . i dont know what is happening to me please guide me what should i do and what is my problem .am i having a heart attack or anxiety attacks .
xeko35 responded:
and i wanted to add that my blood sugar fasting is 120-125 and blood sugar random is 120-140.i take metmorfene500mg for diabetes in morning and evening.
billh99 responded:
It is impossible to diagnose over the internet.

But you are having symptoms that certainly need to be checked out by your doctor and maybe with a referral to cardiologist.
xeko35 replied to billh99's response:
know but can you tell me why my sugar level in the morning is 120-125 in spite that iam taking my medicine