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artery size
hearty1 posted:
I had a quad bypas on December 31, 2012. one thing I was told is that my arteries were unusually underdeveloped; the doctor said I had the smallest arteries she had ever seen in a man of my stature...6'4" IN height. My surgery went 15 minutes shy of 10 hours because she had difficulty finding donor arteries. How common is such a thing and is this hereditary.

The awesome thing is that my recovery is amazing. Surgery was at 8AM and by 4AM I was transferred to a chair. I only used a walker one time and on my 3rd walk I did it alone. I was encouraged to walk as much as I wanted I did.

I am just over 6 weeks post surgery and I feel great. I can't wait for my rehab to start, and of course get back to work. My scare is fading already, but not really concerned with that. I still tire if I am running around doing errands after about 4 hours, but my need for naps has pretty much stopped. I do get a little teary eyed when someone acknowledges their concern, at the notice of my surgery, which surprises me as I am not a mushy gushy person...but I just allow myself the permission to let it flow. I have spoken with others that say it will subside in about 3 months or so.
James Beckerman, MD, FACC responded:
So happy that you are having a good recovery - and it's fantastic that you are being so active. Many people are more emotional after surgery - and some are depressed too. That's understandable, and well recognized. I think your expectations are reasonable. Small arteries may be present in people with diabetes, although sometimes in people without diabetes as well. In any case, best wishes for a continued recovery.
hearty1 replied to James Beckerman, MD, FACC's response:
Thanks for the reply, Dr. Beckerman. Yes, in my case I do not have diabetes. I guess it is just the way they are.

I have another question that I don't think is related but one never knows. As long as I can remember, I have sweated profusely. When i say this, I mean running down my face, neck, and just about every where. Just preparing dinner makes me break out in a sweat. My Cardiologist said it is unrelated, so whom would I see to find out the cause?