heart out of rhythm
rjhorsefarm posted:
I am a 46 year old female about 2 years ago I got shocked by my electric fence at my horse pasture. it hit me so hard I just about went to my knees. Before that I was very healthy, for the past 2 years my Heart has been out of rhythm. The Dr put me on meds but my heart rhythm is not any better. what could this be called?
billh99 responded:
You really need to ask your doctor.

There are a number of different type of heart rhythm problems.

Remember YOU are the one in charge of your health.

1. You need to ask your doctor what the specific problem that you have?

2. Ask what are the options of treatments?

3. For any meds ask what is it expected to do? What are the more common side effects? How long before I should expect to see results?

4. Any life style that would wake the condition worse? Better?