28yr Pain down left arm and chest
bauhau5 posted:
I'm a 28 year old graphic design student at a University in my hometown. I recently was on the computer when all of a sudden my vision went sort of white like and everything seemed to get real heavy. Pain shot down my left arm and my upper left side of my chest. I sat there in the chair for a bit not knowing what to do. I eventually laid down on my bed until the pain seemed to subside. It's been about an hour since the initial pain, and I can still feel a slight tingle on my left side. It sort of feels like there is something light sitting on top of my chest.

Heres info about me:
5'7 130lbs
Drink 1-2 12 oz coffee per day
Drink 1-2 12 oz water per day
Eat lots of rice, beans, tofu
Breakfast is usually a banana, and coffee, sometimes a muffin.

I haven't been working out all that much.

I'm the president of a student group on campus

I recently got done with a stressful group project
billh99 responded:
Whenever you have a sudden change in vision that is the time for immediate medical attention.