Stressing over Symptons
TisonC posted:
Hello everyone !!
I am a 43yo old Male and I am having some issues that are scaring me alot!
I am a civilian contractor and I am currently working out here in Afghanistan. I will be heading home on April 1st to live back in the states for 2 months then I will come back out here for another 2 months.
My issues are the following:
Prior to being allowed to come out here I had to go through a very thorough physical. My lab results came back to show that I had a low (30) HDL count and a Borderline High LDL count. I also had a higher blood pressure than I have been used to all my life (soccer player). So I had to go and take a stress test. I did pretty well on the stress test actually, the doc said I lasted longer than most on it. It only noted that I had a small arrhythmia and that its normal in most people and usually nothing to concern myself with unless other things started to happen.
Anyway, since getting out here I have been experiencing frequent chest pains. As a matter of fact one of my first days out here I had to go see the local military doc because I felt like I was having a heart attack. The Doc asked me a lot of questions and put me on the EKG he even stated that he didn't think I was having one as he works back home in a ER and can spot a heart attack a mile away. So after being on the EKG and a constant pulse reading he said I was fine and it was mostly likely an anxiety/panic attack, funny thing is I didn't feel that way at all.
Well since that I have not had an episode like that BUT I am still having some chest pains that come and go. One day I will be fine and the next I will feel like I pulled all the muscles in my chest. I don't feel like someone is sitting on my chest. Its sometimes on the outside of my chest(both sides) or sometimes more centered and I actually sometimes feel a flutter in my throat and can feel my heartbeat through my chest for a few seconds.
I have been doing a lot of reading on WebMD to try and figure out what's going on but I have read everything from Emphysema(because I am a smoker ) to COPD, from heart disease to blood clots and possibly even gas in the upper chest and even pinched nerves. I am so confused about these things. I even think it could be anxiety or GERD. Like right now I almost feel a burning in my throat and chest almost like something is stuck in my throat as well. Heck it could be the mattress I sleep on causing me to wake with muscle pains from being so uncomfortable.
I have already started to change my lifestyle by eating much healthier in the Dining facility and I plan on learning to live on the Mediterranean diet when I get home. I also jumped on the Elliptical the other night and was able to go at it hard for about 30 minutes and work up a good sweat. I actually felt much better after that and plan on making this a habit daily. I am also quitting smoking as these issues are really starting to scare me. I just hope it's not too late!!
I am making an appt with my Doc as soon as I get back to the states to see about getting new blood drawn and discussing these issues I am having with him.
Has anyone ever had these issues like me?
For the professionals out there is there anything I should be watching out for? Anything I should ask My doc to check when I get back? Any professional opinions on this matter?