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Swelling,fatigue painful calf and chest pain
An_251239 posted:
Hi,I am a 41yr old female and have been having some episodes with my legs for some years now but have been getting worse and now have me very worried.Roughly 9 to 10 yrs ago I started exsperiencing sudden muscle fatigue in my legs.It would come on after a few steps some times some times after walking a ways.It wt feels like my muscle are extremly titrd or over worked all of a sudden and like they were constricted.When these episodes come on I have to stop and just drop to the floor with legs out stretched to relieve it.They are extremly stong and painful episodes.They are more frequent now by alot .I now cant sqaut or bend down on my knees at all.A year ago my calf and ankles started swelling badly,they feel ice cold to me ,turn bright red and the slightest touch even from my pants is exscruseatingly painful.My legs have been getting cold to the point they feel like they're froze to the bone and my whole body freezes up.Last year I started having dizzy spells and chest pain I was treated for a strep infection as that was what they said was causing it all.I told them all these symptoms and history but they said it was all caused by a strp infection.I no longer have medical insurance and am really scared because all these symptoms have never stopped and in truth have I feel have gotten worse and more frequent for sure .I've been having chest pain more frequently then ever before .I'll havechest pain sometimes 6 times a day and when I do get them they last longer and feel stronger.I started having dizzy spells here and there again last week.Right now Iam sitting at my computer typing this and I have 2 pair of insulated pants on and a pair of jeans and my legs are still frozen and swollen.I cant help but feel like all this could be something serious.I've read so much and heard so much about these symptoms being caused by heart problems,poor circulation,blood clots,even weak veins. I really need some and would appreciate any opinon on what could be causing it all and what if anything I need to watch for and what I should do .
cardiostarusa1 responded:

"I no longer have medical insurance"

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Many community clinics can offer personalized and high-quality health care, regardless of one's ability to pay. This decision is typically based on the size of one's family, household income and any other special circumstances.

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"I cant help but feel like all this could be something serious. I've read so much and heard so much about these symptoms being caused by heart problems......"

Of the different types/kinds of heart conditions, various symptoms may/can be acute (occurring suddenly), be chronic (occurring over a long period of time), come and go (be transient, fleeting or episodic) or even be silent.

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