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Hi, Today I was told that my heart is within the limits of normal in size. I am very worried do I have to take some kind of test or am I in danger of getting a heart attact? would you please inform me of what to do please. Thank You
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"I was told that my heart is within the limits of normal in size"

You didn't say, at the limit or borderline, in which that would specifically be worrisome.

As applicable, if the patient has had a simple chest X-ray to determine this finding, noteworthy, there is a medical term known as the cardiothoracic ratio (CTR), which is a measurement on a routine CXR of the width of the heart divided by the width of the chest.

Good to know, typically, a CTR greater than 50% is suggestive of an enlarged or dilated heart. Noteworthy though, in some cases, a heart may/can be greater than 50% of the cardiothoracic ratio and still be considered a normal heart.

Also, and as seen on a resting echocardiogram (cardiac ultrasound), the entire heart (global enlargement) may/can become enlarged or just an area of it (regional enlargement).

"Do I have to take some kind of test"

Mainly depends if one is experiencing symptoms that warrant further diagnostics.

"Or am I in danger of getting a heart attack"

This can not be truly determined here.

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