Right sided sheet pain with a piercing feeling when I breathe
Ihvsarcoid posted:
Hi, I am 37 yo female, please excuse my grammarian not sure if I should go to the Urgent Care for eval of right sided chest pain, pain that is wincing. I no longer have my gall bladder, but I have had one Dr diagnose me with Saroidosis after a long stay in the hospital last yer for pneumonia. I do not smoke, bt the pain is so ad I can not take an adequate breath in, so I'm panting. I know I know I should go, but I'm just afraid it will be a lost case. Is there pain with Saroidosis and I have been told pleurisy is very painful. Thanks in advance for your help,!

Sincerely, Mandy
allie_bf responded:
Hi, didn't see your post until today so I'm not sure if you have already taken care of this, or not. If you didn't go to the urgent care last night, you might want to go today to the doctor's office. What you have could very well be pleuritis, and that generally responds very well to a course of oral steroids. People with many different auto-immune conditions (e.g. RA, lupus, Sjogren's, etc.) are susceptible to pleuritis, and it can be very painful. Fortunately, the steroids used to treat it are inexpensive, and can be found on the discount lists at many retail pharmacies. Sarcoidosis is a condition that you will want to work with your doctor on controlling, as it can do a lot of damage if not managed well. Talk to your doc about what treatment you'll need to minimize acute problems like your chest pain.