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Tricuspid Valve
joeyboy1 posted:
After a recent echo my 75 year old wife was given the following report:
mitral valve prolapse repair with moderate mitral regurgitation; severe tricuspid regurgitation with elevated RVSP; bi-atrial dilatation; good LV systolic function but diastolic dysfunction; impaired right ventricular systolic fuction. She takes the following medications daily: Furosemide 40 mg; Candesartan 60 mg. Bisoprolol 10 mg; Warfarin 6-7 mg.Rosuvastatn 5mg.
No guidance has been issued on further action or options; any suggestions on where we can go from here?
James Beckerman, MD, FACC responded:
I definitely recommend calling her cardiologist to discuss this further. She has significant valvular concerns that may be impacting her heart function. Sometimes these situations are treated with medications that control blood pressure, and help to avoid retaining fluid. At other times (and depending on symptoms) surgery can be recommended. It's a good idea to talk with her doctor about her own particular situation and appropriate next steps.