helpful hints for my son-in-laws speedy recovery after a triple bypass surgery
meehnai posted:
I just need some opinions to help my daughter with her husband to recover speedy and fully after a triple bypass surgery. She is so young at the age of 21 to start her new life this way, having to see her husband go thru so much pain after a triple bypass surgery wishing she could help him more to recover quickly and fully. They had just recently relocated from our small island, and its only been like maybe 2-3 months since they got here to start there life together and this is there start of that new life, shes been hanging in there being very strong and I would like to help her by asking opinions on how to help her help her husband get thru this without her getting sick herself.
billh99 responded:
How long has it been since the surgery? What kind of problems is he having? If he had a heart attack how much damage was done?

In general see that he has a good diet.
Encourage him to stop smoking, if needed.
Encourage him to do his breathing exercises.
Encourage him to exercise, probably limited to walking during the early stage.
Encourage him to go to cardiac rehab.