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Elevated Heart Enzymes - No Diagnosis after 5 days
An_252232 posted:
My son-in-law was running a 5K last Sunday when he felt odd and ended up being taken to the hospital where he was found to have extremely high CK levels - 18,000 - they are now 20,000, 5 days later, elevated kidney levels - 1.8 which has gone back to normal, he is spiking fevers of 102 over the last 3 days and has fluid in his lungs. The hospital is planning to perform an angiogram and to take some x-rays of his chest. He is 36 years old and in seemingly great shape. We are worried that he's been in the hospital for 5 days and there is no real information about his condition or cause of it. What does it sound like to you?
cardiostarusa1 responded:

"What does it sound like to you?"

One can only guess or speculate here.

......"extremely high CK levels - 18,000 - they are now 20,000"

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Hope everything turns out as well as possible for your son-in-law.

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James Beckerman, MD, FACC responded:
Have they discussed a diagnosis called "rhabdomyolysis"?