Chest Pain
CP4203 posted:
My resting heart rate is 100 right now and my arrhythmia I can tell is not right. I was diagnosed with SVT and after the ablation I feel worse I dont have the SVT anymore, but everyday I have irregular heart rhythm but the cardiologist say I am fine but I know I am not. What step I take next?? i had an ablation done in January of this year. I just finished my antibiotics for H Pylori that I was diagnosed with should I have chest pain?? I never say anything is wrong unless it is and I know my heart is not right. the have done EKGs, echo, stress test and say everything is fine. But they did this before the ablation and everything was fine then. Its an electrical issue that they can see doing these tests but again Dr. thinks Im fine and Im not.
CP4203 responded:
Im sorry I meant they CANT see my problems with theses tests