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Why does my inner arm occasionally have a stinging/burning sensation?
rockit62 posted:
Why does my right inner arm (elbow pit, inner elbow; inside elbow) occasionally have a stinging/burning sensation? Sometimes both right and left will have the sensation at the same time. It worries me that it may be a signal of high blood pressure. Thanks
billh99 responded:
Things like this can be diagnosed over the internet.

You will need to see a local medical professional.
James Beckerman, MD, FACC responded:
Best to see a doctor to discuss!
reelady responded:
had similar feeling stinging burning pain in the inner arms bbiceps area.from the pits to the elbow ended up getting worse each time it happened over the course of several weeks.. They called it unstable angina ...turned out to be a blockage....had a stent placed in the rca..may1st..U should get it checked...