Question about a Circulatory Symptom
djhz2001 posted:

I have been experiencing a strange circulatory symptom, and the doctor I visited could not detect anything with my heartbeats. On certain occasions, mostly while I am resting, I experience a sensation as if my blood pressure rises in an instant and goes to normal. This lasts less than a second, but it might happen multiple times in a lapse of 10 to 15 minutes. While I experience this sensation, I can feel the blood flow more violently on the tips of my limbs (toes and fingers), my hearing fails, and I experience something like tightness of my chest.
I still have not figure out what this is, and my doctor attributed it to anxiety, however, I have been experiencing this some days in the last month and a half, and I am concerned because last time it happened (yesterday) I also felt it in the back of my head, and I am afraid it might cause me a stroke some of these days.
I am a PhD student at one of the University of California campuses.
Thank you for any input you might give me.
cardiostarusa1 responded:

......"and the doctor I visited could not detect anything with my heartbeats."

In general-only here (since it is not possible to diagnose medical problems/conditions over the Internet), there may/could be a heartbeat problem/issue though occurring transiently. Even some possible heart valve or heart chamber problems can go undetected until found with the appropriate diagnostics.

......"and my doctor attributed it to anxiety"

It is well known that anxiety, as well as stress, can cause various symptoms, even wreaking havoc on the entire body.

Remember, you know your body best, so do feel free to see/consult with another doctor/other doctors.

Best of luck down the road of life. Live long and prosper.

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