BrendaNY posted:
I am 54 yr old female, 5'9, 132 pounds. at age 36 I had an MI due to cancer treatment - radiation to the mediastinum as well as adriamycin and several other chemotherapies. I didn't have significant plaque buildup and am now plant-based, whole food. no animal, oil, sugar, dairy and have been eating this way over a year. My thyroid was destroyed by radiation but it is well controlled and monitored. I take an aspirin a day. I was on a myriad of medications over the years - I have a rapid heart rate which is believed due to either biospy surgery or radiation but my cardiologist wasn't concerned as my body appeared to adjust to it. The cancer was at age 16.
My question, I injured my shoulder and was given prednisone. I've never had so much energy. I know I can't stay on this long term - it is only prescribed for a week to get the swelling down. I only started it yesterday and my workout was doubled what it usually is. I've been complaining of fatigue and lack of energy for years - non of the usual cardiac meds have ever improved that. I exercise daily - 30 minutes on a treadmill and weight lifting every few days. Today I feel like I could go non stop. Is there something else that would mimic what the prednisone is doing that is a more natural solution. Do you understand what this might be doing that I have so much energy?