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Left ventricular dysfunction
An_253138 posted:
Hi, My father is a diabetic patient (physically disabled) aged 66 years. year ago he had a severe breathing problem with swelling in the legs. he was diagnosed with left ventrical diastolic dyfunction (ef 16%)was treated with angioplasty for one my EF improved to 44% and the eco report states hypokinesia of inferoposterior wall, posterolateral wall.He is under following medicines: ecosprin-150 mg, clopivas75 mg. valen 40,atorlip10 mg, lasix 40. For diabetic I am under trajenta 5mg, amaryl1mg, along with insulin injection20 in the morning and 14 in the evening. Now my problems are: He has leg swelling which reduces in the morning but increases by night, his sugar level seems to be not in control with fasting blood sugar around 250. Can you please guide
James Beckerman, MD, FACC responded:
I would recommend that he discuss these symptoms with his doctor. Sometimes when people are experiencing swelling, their doctors will adjust their medications - such as the dose of their diuretic.