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Stress test VS. Cardiac Cath
An_253328 posted:
50 y/o female. 30lbs overweight when trying to begin exercising rouine by walking. Pain in upper left chest, spreads to left shoulder /under arm and to neck if I persist in the walk. Slowing down or, rest pain goes away. Went to GP, sent to cardiologist who did ultrasound of chest/neck and Myoview stress test. Results called into me by nurse- normal. Four months later pain still there, now will come on with less strenuous exercise, slow walking. GP is concerned wants me to go for Cardiac Cath. Family history of heart disease.

What can a Cath show that the previous tests didn't. Also the Cardiac doc seemed to dismiss my symptoms and family history on first consult "don't think its your heart but....(lets give you some expensive tests anyway)....."

Should I also find another cardiac doc that seems just a BIT more interested/curious/concerned about my ongoing symptoms like my GP or should I give him another shot?
cardiostarusa1 responded:

"What can a Cath show that the previous tests didn't."

It can show one or more actual blockages and the severity (% of narrowing or stenosis).

For good detailed info, see -


Cardiac Cath

Also, as applicable for the patient, non-invasive 64-slice Cardiac CT allows doctors to view/examine the heart and the coronary arteries in never-before-seen detail.

Far better yet, as reported, the new blazingly fast (benefit of less radiation exposure to the patient, and less contrast media) 320-slice Cardiac CT scanners can measure subtle changes in blood flow, or minute blockages forming in blood vessels, no bigger than the average width of a toothpick (1.5 mm) in the heart, and the brain.

"Should I also find another cardiac doc that seems just a BIT more......

It's up to you to give your cardiologist "another shot". Doctors can only learn (and become better) when the patients are assertive in their health care and treatment.

Best of luck down the road of life.

Take care,


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MLSARA replied to cardiostarusa1's response:
Thank you very much. I appreciate that you took the time to help. Your information is invaluable, I hadn't heard about that CT scan.
cardiostarusa1 replied to MLSARA's response:
You're welcome.

Probably a lot of individuals are not aware of CT angiography.

Take good care,


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