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    Includes Expert Content
    Co-enzyme Q10
    Anon_11642 posted:
    Hi - I have been taking Lipitor 20 mg for several years and doing fine - it has kept my cholesterol just below 200. My question is if I should be taking Co-enzyme Q10 - I asked a pharmacist and he said it is a good idea so have been taking 100 mg a day - I had a call into my cardiologist about this and guess I need to call again as they never got back to me - guess they are pretty busy.

    Anyway, thought I would post here in this heart community forum to see what others are taking or what their opinion is about this supplement - it is expensive but I still bought it and am taking it currently.

    Anyway, will look and check to see if I get any answers here. Thank you for your time.
    shiawase responded:
    how long have you taken it? and how was it working for you so far? and what form (ubiquinone or ubiquinol)
    ive known q10 for long time. ive read and heard various experiences from people. so the bottomline is you have to try yourself. im still taking it (also other supplements) but i couldnt really say the result since my condition keep changes.
    also different product could have different effect. so its tricky
    billh99 responded:
    Clinical trails have shown some positive effect for heart failure.

    Specially if test have show a low Co-Q10 levels in the body.

    Most of the studies used to counter the effects of statin usage on muscle pain have been mixed.
    Anon_11642 replied to shiawase's response:
    Been taking ubiquinol - did I do the right thing asking a pharmacist - they seem to know a lot or a doctor?
    James Beckerman, MD, FACC responded:
    It's not currently the standard of care to recommend Coenzyme Q10 supplements for people on statins. I have had some patients who have decided to try it, with mixed results.
    shiawase replied to Anon_11642's response:
    Ubiquinol is a reduced form means it's easier to absorb. What's your intention of taking it? Do you have a heart disease? I read you mention about cholesterol.
    However despite there are some papers back up the ubiquinol effect still can be varied. I think you should evaluate yourself if it's beneficial for you or not. Hopefully it will.
    zheart responded:
    My cardiologist suggest COQ-10 to ease the muscle aches I have by taking 20 mg of generic Lipitor. I took it for over a year at 200mg at it did not help. I just added Vascepa at 2g and it eased the pain. It also lowered my trigs below 100. On my next visit I will be able to drop down to 10mg of generic Lipitor or I might switch to 5mg of Crestor. I know they promote COQ-10 for heart health but the Cardiology practice that takes care of me promotes it to take the edge off the statin. For me, I did not do reduce the ache, only Vascepa eased the pain. If you are going to try or keep up COQ-10 I would suggest looking into higher doses. For example, for artery repair I was taking L-Arginine at 1000mg and come to find out I need it at 5000mg. Good luck and god bless.
    billh99 replied to zheart's response:
    I wonder if you have had your vit D level tested. Low D levels are associated with muscle pain.

    And I know some doctors that test and if needed treat their patients with vit D before prescribing a statin.

    And they claim that very few people have problems tolerating the statins when they do that.

    Since the Vascepa is a fish oil derivative I wonder if it might have some vit D in it?
    zheart replied to billh99's response:
    I had the muscle test to make sure it wasn't that rare muscle wasting syndrome you can get from a statin. I take a multi vitamin with D and I make sure I get some outdoor activity. I also have a complete blood panel to include vitamins and hormones once every year. The cardiologist said the muscle ache is a common side effect. With some people it will go away and others it lingers. With Vascepa, I think it is some anti inflammatory properties in the EPA which is a type of acid. For me, it works like a safe dose of Tylenol and unlike Tylenol, I can take Vascepa every day. I did add to my COQ-10 dose and found a combo of 200mg with 1000mg of cinnamon. Long-term use of a statin poses a higher risk of diabetes I figured I would be proactive on blood sugar using the cinnamon.

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