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    Pains around my left side of body
    sri74 posted:
    This is probably a topic that has been discussed time and again and I am going to admit I am quite frustrated reading so many various answers. So after a lot of thought I have decided to ask the question myself. I hope somebody out there will be able to guide/advice me on my situation.

    Well, I cant decide what condition I am in. And I hope someone can tell me what it is. So here is my story:

    I am 39 yrs old. 6ft tall and 95 kg weight. Indian nationality but live in Argentina. I live a normal life - work, home, sometimes weekend outdoors, sometimes indoors (more out of laziness), meet up with friends, once or twice in a month I drink — mostly a beer or some wine and try to stay away from hard drinks as much as possible. My food habits are reasonably good, eat on time, try to have healthy food thanks to my wife who ensures it. I don't smoke regularly but sometimes, with friends over the occasional drink. A pack in a whole year would sum it up. I don't exercise much, but do walking a lot especially during weekends when I'm out doors and besides, a lot of walking involved on the way to work and home. I don't have BP or diabetes or any other illness. I don't suffer from any other ailments. I have a sensitive nose because (a) allergies and (b) of a slightly twisted bone and because of which I have a blocked nose most of the time. I take a nasal spray to ease it.

    About two years ago, I had labyrinthitis, but I had it treated and can say I am cured. Well, 90% cured. My worries probably started after I got the infection which I know is not related to the infection. I frequently get pains all over my left side of my upper body. Shoulders, arm (biceps), also length of my arm and hand, tightness around my jaw and neck like a muscle pull, around my left breast area, sometimes sharp (for only a couple of seconds or few more), below my armpit, on my back at the centre, right behind where the heart is. I sometimes get a sort of tightness around my heart area and chest. Just around the time I got cured of labyrinthitis and I started developing these pains, I visited a Cardiologist who suggest few tests including stress test, ECG and an Echo. The results were positive or rather, my heart was clean. A year later and with all these pains, I decided to do a check again (early Jun 2013). Again, a stress test and an ECG with blood check was done. Everything came normal including my cholesterol which was normal. Now, I still get these pains. But more regularly. A combination of the above various pains comes on daily basis and always keep me worried and anxious. I am planning to go do another round of check to be sure there is nothing wrong with my heart. You see, the pains which I get are all similar to the pains that happens with the onset of a heart attack. Every time the pains come around, I start to think, they are symptoms that I should not ignore. But during the course of the day they disappear and appear and disappear again.

    One of the effects of the infection I had was I started having panic attacks and anxiety. A sudden drop in blood from the head/face, sweating, dizziness and a feeling of doom spreads all over me. They pass off after a couple of hours and I am normal thereafter. I get a panic attack once a month in the last 4 months. Before that, it wasn't this regular. I mean, I had about 3-5 attacks over a period of 18 months.

    Am I having a problem? Why do these pains occur? I would be happy if someone could advise me on what I should do?

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