coronary artery disease
mrcjdz1 posted:
On 1/9/14 I had a quadruple bypass my age is 44 I have type 1 diabetes too, for 37 years. what started it was a pulmonary edema, then a heart echo was done 28 percent fraction, so surgery was ordered after a heart catheter was done 2 100 percent 1 50 percent 1 70 percent. its been a little over a month that I have been recovering, last week I started back at work in the construction field, due to financial needs. Ive been back to see the surgeon who said all is well, but not the cardiologist I have to build some money first cause this has been expensive. Im having shocks that seem to go across my chest and tingle to my shoulders when I cough any ideas on how long this will last, its not an emergency feel sort of thing, it just feels awkward. thanks.
billh99 responded:
When I had my bypass I random sharp spikes and tingling in my chest to the left of my incision.

At first this was startling, but I learned if I scratched the area that it would stop the pain.

It is caused by the nerves regrowing across the incision.

IIRC, while it slow decreased, it took about 3 months before it was all gone or I learned to completely ignore it.
stellagonzalez responded:
Do some sort of exercise not tough one and do regular checkup. So that you and your doctor aware of your current position.
mrcjdz1 replied to billh99's response:
thanks bill, im an electrician, so when ya feel it ya jump specially if handling wires.