Minimally invasive mitral valve repair or open sternum?
lrp25 posted:
Hi, I'm a pretty healthy 53 y.o. (Until recently) Male that has to have surgery to repair torn chordae as I am having regurgitation. I have heard nothing but positive things about the mini surgery, but when I met My surgeon he said he can do either, but if it was him he would have the traditional surgery via opening the sternum. He said it was less painful and operating time was faster. I am now trying to decide which route to go. Any suggestions from folks that have had either type of surgery would be appreciated. Thx, LP
billh99 responded:
I have had open surgery for bypass. The cut sternum bones take 6-8 weeks to heal. And it can be very painful for a couple of days and when you cough or sneeze for a couple of weeks.

I have had robotic surgery for prostate removal and had almost zero pain. But, besides the robotic there are other minimally invasive methods.

I might have to get this done some day so I have been following different methods and seeing some operating videos on the web.

And the minimally invasive do take longer and that is a concern.

But I can't see how it is more painful.

I saw on video showing a 30-40 yr old out jumping hills on a dirt bike a week after his minimally invasive repair. I am not sure, but I think that his was a mini thoracotomy where they go through the side of the chest.

You might try a google for - mitral valve forum - and find one that has more people that have had repairs.
lrp25 replied to billh99's response:
thanks for your response