redbaron1958 posted:
Hi am a 56 yr old male with CHF, and Edema, (Legs) the swelling has gone down, but my girlfriend has noticed that I wheeze and gurgle when I sleep on my back, can Edema move or spread, or is this something else?
billh99 responded:
It is the same problem, the body is not able to handle the fluid overload due to the CHF. Just a different symptom.

You need to contact your doctor about this
redbaron1958 replied to billh99's response:
Thank you that helped a lot.
daizyweb responded:
Am wondering, is the swelling still present when you elevate your legs?

Does the swelling remain during sleep?

And is the swelling present you wake up in the mornings?

If you are wheezing, it could many things, but it could also be some fluid in the lungs.

I suffer from CHF since 1997. I take no meds, but do take Ayurvedic compounds such as Arjuna, and I grind corriander seeds, put in mineral water, leave overnight, and drink the following day. Same with celery seeds.

It helps getting rid of fluid retention, and also, replaces loss of minerals. I also take natural minerals on top of this, and will try blending as opposed to juicing, altering my diet, and also, taking Ayurvedic compounds to rid the body of impurities, that is infectitious pathogens. I will also try clay soon. I take some natural food sourced vits and supps, as well as Magnesium Orotate.

Hope this helps. Hang in there...
daizyweb replied to daizyweb's response:
PS. I am unable to metabolize medications, and thus, for ever looking at other solutions and options.
redbaron1958 replied to daizyweb's response:
Hi the swelling has gone down since I cut back on my water intake, my doctor said I was drinking to much, but was concerned about the wheezing and gurgling, had a echo done on the 24th will keep you informed.