Cardiac Stem Cells: New Hope for Heart Failure Patients
cardiostarusa1 posted:
For the first time, stem cells from patients' own hearts have been shown to battle heart failure.

In a small study of 16 patients, cardiac stem cells improved heart function and reduced the amount of tissue damage in patients with heart failure, a disabling and lethal condition caused by the death of heart muscle tissue. "If this is confirmed in further studies, it could offer an entirely new option and a potential cure for......
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helenspear responded:
I'm so excited to see this here, because my cardiologist mentioned it to me during our visit last week. Apparently there is a clinical trial starting soon at Duke. He had already referred someone,wanted to know what I thought about it...I was thrilled at the possibility, then he demured, saying we'd see. I guess he's waiting to see if I have some other dread disease which would exclude me. Hope not. I've known for years that I could have no other interventions apparently, so that stem cells might be my only help/hope. I am going to try to get in the best health I can so to be eligible if possible! Thanks for this article.