The Doctor Who Cured Heart Disease
travis777333 posted:
Ok... and I would like to discuss this if possibe. I found this article online and about a doctor who cured aterial build up and physical damage to the heart by using chondroitin sulfate. The article seems legitmate. THe article provides all resources at the body and references for the research and original findings through the article. I wanted to know if anyone else has used this before? Have any doctors eheard about this? Why isn't it being tried now?
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dstel responded:
I have read many articals and claims by respected doctors but it always turns me off when you wind up at their web site and all they want to do is sell their product. "Trust me I'm a doctor"
I just keep searching respectible trusted medical web sites and try to make my own conclusions. I strongly believe the truth is out there you just have to figure out how to find it. You won't get help unless you help yourself.