Helpful Info for Teens with medical issues
lucysienna posted:
Hi, My husband and I are parents of a 16 year old boy who refused to wear any medical id bracelets or tags for his medical condition. Of course, we are concerned for his safety especially after he visited the ER because of a life threatening condition. We have searched the web for months trying to find a bracelet he would wear and found rockstar id .com. It has been our saving grace because it is the only (rocker) style he will wear. We are somewhat relieved knowing that he has a better chance of being identified. Lucy8
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BillH99 responded:
There are a number of different products to help with this.

In addition to the common bracelets and "dog tags" there are ones that contain a USB flash card that can have more detailed information.

But there also ones that can be attached to shoe laces. Runners often use those. They can be as simple as a having an 800 number and a code number to ID the person or again a flash card.

Also you can put in an ICE address in cell phones. ICE - in case of emergency. There you can list phone numbers of doctors and family. While they are not setup for medical information you could put Diabetic or Allergic to penicillin in the address lines.