Switch Gears to Boost Metabolism
Joe Piscatella posted:
Sustained exercise at a relatively constant intensity is best for endurance. However, if weight loss is one of your fitness goals, interval training may be more effective in boosting total calories burned because it increases metabolic rate. Instead of walking for 45 minutes at a steady pace, walk for 10 minutes at your normal pace, then walk or jog at a higher level of intensity for another 5 minutes. Follow this alternating pattern for an additional 30 - 40 minutes. This fluctuation in intensity is wonderful for boosting metabolic rate.

Anyone use this exercise pattern regularly?
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billh99 responded:
It looks like it might be better for cardiac rehab also.


To Heal a Heart, Train Harder Not Just for Athletes, Intense Exercise Replaces Slow, Steady RegimenI have used interval training during the winter when I use the rowing machine.