Benefit of Olive Oil and Olive Oil with Green Tea Extract
DeadManWalking56 posted:
"Antiatherogenicity of extra virgin olive oil and its enrichment with green tea polyphenols"
A few results in the above study:

HDL increased by 12% !

PON 1 HDL activity increase: EVOO 6%, EVOO-GT 10%
> What is PON1 ? Pon1 is paraoxonase, an HDL enzyme that enhances the benefits of HDL, making it more effective, essentially an invisible rise in your HDL count.

HDL-mediated macrophage cholesterol efflux: EVOO 42%, EVOO-GT 139 % !!!! That means blockage size regression, plain and simple.

Atherosclerotic lesion size of mice was significantly reduced by: EVOO 11%, or EVOO-GT 20% . Well of course, that is a measure of the efflux above.

Olive Oil is beneficial in atherosclerosis, and Olive Oil enhanced with Green Tea polyphenol extracts is even better.
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