Breakfast Helps to Control Weight
Joe Piscatella posted:
We've all heard that "breakfast is the most important meal." It gets you ready for the workday; it helps prepare kids to learn in school. Now a study done at the University of Texas has reinforced that point regarding weight. The study showed that people who skipped breakfast or had a poor breakfast actually ended up eating more calories for the day.

Breakfast tends to be a meal where it is easy to eat healthy because of all the nutritious breakfast foods — whole grain cereals and bread, fruit, eggs, milk and yogurt. But because of the morning rush that is part of our fast-paced lifestyle, or in an effort to lose weight by reducing caloric intake by one meal, many people skip breakfast.

It is the worst thing to do. That's because calories eaten earlier in the day provide a higher satiety level than calories eaten later in the day. The University of Texas study found that when participants ate a healthy, reasonably-sized breakfast of about 400 to 500 calories, they consistently ate less throughout the rest of the day. When they ate no breakfast or one with just a couple of hundred calories, they tended to load up later. The bottom line: if you want to control your weight, eat a good breakfast.
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