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    Just an update
    ufatbasted posted:
    Hello all.
    Started posting on the old boards and got sorta lost with these new board.

    I've been following the Ornish diet 5 weeks now.
    Cheated twice with seafood when I was out to dinner.
    Once was grilled Salmon not so bad, the other was steamed clams and mussels with sea bass- Not so good

    Just got my blood work back
    cholesterol down to 100 from 154
    HDL 55
    LDL 35
    I can't believe that happened in one month.

    If I can keep this up I can maybe get off the Lipitor!
    I took the adivce of some on the board and started eating a handful of nuts(walantus or almonds once a day).
    Will also have fish maybe once a week based on my nutritionists advice.
    josvin84 responded:
    Great news. You are doing very well.
    in my opinion you are already at a stage where you can stop with lipitor. i stopped and my numbers are no where as good as yours. i am jealous.
    well done.
    rubystar2 replied to josvin84's response:
    I agree wtih Josvin84, With numbers like that, what is your doctor's reasoning for keeping you on Lipitor? Just curious.
    ufatbasted replied to rubystar2's response:

    Josvin84 did not mean to make you jealous I was very surprised by those numbers and wanted to tell people who would understand.
    This is the first time in my life I've tried to take control over what I eat and I really did not know what to expect.
    It's been hard following a rigid diet, not so much on my end but trying to educate my family as to what I will and will not eat. All the while still learning myself!
    I will say I've never spent so much time preparing and shopping for food as I have the past 5 weeks. It's becoming my new hobby :-)

    I have not shared the numbers with the Doctor who prescribed the Lipitor yet. The Dr at my company clinic where I had my physical/bloodwork urged me to stay on it as she said it has other benefits. I did not ask what they were.
    I'm seeing my regular Dr early May for another blood test and if my numbers are still good we will discuss it then.

    josvin84 replied to ufatbasted's response:
    It is important to have your family and friends on your side. Soon you will find that they will not allow you to deviate from your diet. Most of them will stop you and remind you when you try to eqat somethimg else.

    By the way all doctors will urge you to stay on Lipitor because "it has some other benefits". Also they will not subscribe Lipitor to people with normal choelsterol levels. Pfeizer would love it if doctors prescribed Lipitor to everyone because "it has some other benefits".

    (Warning: I am anti drugs.)
    DeadManWalking56 responded:

    HDL 55, LDL 35 ? That sounds backwards.

    Lipitor causes more muscle side effects than vytorin. But if you have no pains, or have not noticed any loss of strength, it may not affect you. I changed after 8 months.

    Pistachios have the oil balance of the walnuts plus almonds, with less total oil, and contribute to paraoxonase, an HDL enzyme that boosts effectiveness and aids blockage regression.

    I am less strict with the general Ornish diet, with fish and chicken on a regular basis. Less chicken the past 6 months, and I don't feel as well.
    Bubbajum replied to DeadManWalking56's response:
    Wow sounds great with those numbers....I've been on Ornish for 7 mounths now and have better numbers also.
    An_192656 responded:
    Hi UFB,

    Great numbers! Congratulations.

    DMW is right. If your LDL is really 35, you absolutely should reduce your dosage of the statin. 50 is the minimum you want. Total cholesterol of 100 says reduce the dosage, also.

    When you get your cholesterol checked, ask your doctor to get vitamin D checked, also. You have to call up and ask for that before your blood check, so the doctor can add it to the prescription.

    I still have to laugh about UFB. Great name. :-)

    Eat lots of veggies !! You are doing great.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy
    ufatbasted replied to DeadManWalking56's response:
    Hey DMW

    The numbers are correct.

    I'l check out the pistachios!

    I'm tweaking the ornish diet as well. Adding fish once or twice a week.
    ufatbasted replied to ufatbasted's response:
    New Blodwork numbers
    HDL 62
    LDL 23

    Had B12 Folic Acid and Vit D checked and they are all normal.
    Seems this new way of eating is working.

    My Dr wants me to cut my 10MG Lipitor dose in half. I was hoping to be off it all together but my Dr tells me that Lipitor makes the plaque more stable. I'm seeing my cardiologist in two weeks and I'll see what he has to say.
    josvin84 replied to ufatbasted's response:
    LOL! lipitor makes the plaque more stable.
    At your current cholesterol levels your body is NOT making any more plaque. You are in reversal zone. Simply said there is no new plaque that needs to be made stable.

    Lets see what your cardio has to say. "Stay on lipitor because it has many other benefits that we dont fully understand."

    My numbers (see discussion from testerday) are total 160 hdl 36 ldl 101. That is without lipitor for the last three years. Either I am lucky, as my cardio reasons that I am beating all the odds, or I am staying healthy beacuse of my lifestyle.
    ufatbasted replied to josvin84's response:
    josvin84 I will post up what my cardiologist has to say.

    This is a tough one for me as I am one who as I've aged usually listen to my Dr's advice.
    I really do not want to be on any drugs either.
    Right now I'm on 5mg Lipitor(down from 10MG after this blood work)and 25MG Toporol for extra heartbeats. I will see what my cardio Dr says and decide what to do about the Lipitor. I also wonder what cutting the does in half will do to my numbers.
    Next blood test is 4 months.
    dtms1 replied to DeadManWalking56's response:
    Dead, it's impossible to find unsalted, raw pistachios. Would you choose unsalted pistachios that are roasted or salted raw pistachios? I can only find very expensive shelled dehydrated unsalted pistachios.

    DeadManWalking56 replied to dtms1's response:

    I think my diet is so strict, I just eat the pistachios I find. Only a handful or two a day, sometimes none. I buy a very big bag, bringing the cost down. Its way cheaper than a prescription, and perhaps better.

    I felt best last year when I was enjoying some of Trader Joe's pistachios in dark chocolate. Of course I also was less busy at work, and having a nut break morning and afternoon with some dried blue berries, a square or two of dark chocolate, green tea, the TJ pistachios in the evening.

    Now that I am busier, I miss one or more of those daily, and my weight is dribbling away again, back down to 156.
    DeadManWalking56 replied to ufatbasted's response:

    Have you added prunes, berries, green tea and pomegranate juice to your diet ? All really good stuff for the serious heart disease patient.

    I had a dozen 80% inoperable blockages in smaller cardiac arteries. If anyone "needed" Lipitor for plaque stability, I might be a very good candidate. But my doc had no problem switching me to Zytorin. Sounds like a scam tactic.

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