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Bread and other carbs
twinb63 posted:
The other day I was having an acupuncture session. The acupuncturer felt my pulses before & after she put the needles in, then asked what I had to eat. I told her what I ate for lunch & the previous day's dinner which included home made bread. She said my pulses were not as strong & smooth as usual, & she thought the bread was the culprit. I thought that was an interesting observation as I hadn't eaten bread for weeks. I've been avoiding simple carbs like bread, pasta, etc., so I think I'll make an extra effort to not eat those things. I certainly feel less bloated/puffy when I stay away from simple carbs; one more reason to stay from from processed foods.
xring responded:
At my diabetes support group meeting yesterday, the CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator) who's also a Dietician said, "If not for processed foods, probably none of us would be here."
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DeadManWalking57 replied to xring's response:
Horse pucky. I eat almost no processed foods, especially the last 4 years recovering from heart disease.

I think without processed foods, I very likely might have very little heart disease, like my siblings.

Fruits, nuts, spices and veggies: So where is the processing in those ?
rubystar2 replied to DeadManWalking57's response:
DMW, I think Xring meant none of them would be in the diabetes support group if not for processed foods. In other words, the processed foods ruined their health enough to give them diabetes and consequently being in the support group.
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DeadManWalking57 replied to rubystar2's response:
Keeps me humble.

I'm right a lot, but sometimes have no clue. Best to listen more, respond with better understanding.
twinb63 replied to DeadManWalking57's response:
It's one of the downsides of getting older, no clue. Happens to me more & more with the grandkids for some reason when they become teenagers. Maybe it's because they know everything & I know nothing, know what I mean?

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