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meat eating
dtms1 posted:
I was just reading that Argentina has the highest rate of meat consumption in the world. I was trying to find the statistics for heart disease in Argentina and could not. The WHO lists about thirty countries from the highest to the lowest in terms of heart disease and Argentina is nowhere on the list. The worst countries for heart disease seem to be Finland and eastern European countries. Japan had the lowest rate and next lowest was France.

In one of Pritikin's books he lists countries with the highest rate of eat eating and these have higher rates of heart disease but that was an old book. d

Does anyone have any recent statistics? If they eat the most meat but do not have the highest rate of heart disease then someone better take a look at colin campbell's work again.

xring responded:
I saw several such charts (animal foods consumption and various diseases - cancer, heart disease, etc) in "Diet For a New America" by John Robbins.
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josvin84 responded:
"The highest total cardiovascular disease mortality rates for both males and females were in
the English-speaking Caribbean, North American and Southern Cone subregions
(Argentina, Chile and Uruguay). The lowest were in the Latin Caribbean and Central
America. Countries of the Andean subregion had intermediate levels." SOURCE: International Cardiovascular Disease Statistics

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