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Green smoothies
AttyWSW posted:
Never thought I would like them. They always sounded disgusting. But now I'm into them. I wanted to know what others prefer to put in them. What do you put in to liquify it, apple juice? almond milk? What greens do you put in? What do you put in to sweeten it, or do you? Do you leave apple/pear skins on? Anyone use citrus? Nuts? I guess you're only limited by your imagination. I just wanted some ideas on other combinations you guys like.
AttyWSW responded:
Another thing, I think most drink them for breakfast, but is it ok to also substitute my lunch or dinner for a smoothie? I used some cooked collards, acorn squash, broccoli, pear, apple, banana and soy milk. Switching to almond milk.
Hanawaiman6358 replied to AttyWSW's response:
I always have a green smoothie for lunch. A bit of water, 3 limes with zest, 1T. sugar, some stevia, 1 small romaine head, 1 bunch kale, usually dinosaur form my garden, 4 big collard leaves, ice. Everything goes into my Vita Mix. I make it the night before and it settles and goes into my thermos for lunch. I love this. I love lime. At my last trip to the eye doc, he said you have extraordinary healthy eyes. I should have asked him what he saw that made him say that.

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