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Rapid weight gain
Hanawaiman6358 posted:
I have a question but first a bit of history. I recently lost about 50 pounds through our healthy eating plan. I still have about 25 to go. It took about 4months to lose the weight. I can lose fast. I took a 5 day trip to Washington during Spring break (I am a teacher). While gone I reverted back to some old eating habits, KFC for lunch, Angus Burgers from McD, cookies from Trader Joes, Hershey's chocolate. It was a fun 5 days. But I gained 10 lbs. How is that possible? That would be 35,000 extra calories.
I can see eating about 1000 extra calories per day, maybe gaining 2 lbs, but not 10. I first thought it must be water gain since I restrict sodium a lot. But the water weight hasn't gone down. I suspect my metabolism really slowed down and I was in a survival mode and with the flood of calories I clung on to every bit of energy for future famines. My top weight was 255, being 6 feet I sounds like a good linebacker. So, how could I have gained the ten pounds so quickly? Good news is I am back.
xring responded:
I don't know how you can gain 10 lbs. in 5 days.

But now I have to buy a new keyboard after reading your 5-day menu. It shorted out from the drool.

Politicians should serve two terms. One in office and one in prison.
EngineerGuy responded:
Hi Hanawaiman,

The guy from SuperSize Me gained 25 pounds in 30 days. But 10 pounds in 5 days is an achievement.

Much of it may be water weight, as most restaurant food is mega-salt.

Kids don't gain weight with as they eat sodium. They pee it out. As we get older, after years of damage to our kidneys from high sodium and high protein diets, we can't get rid of the sodium as well, so we have to dilute it, thus getting edema.

Happily, you are back, and hopefully, no worse from the wear.

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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